ABB joins HyPilot project alongside Yara, Equinor, and Gassco


ABB to supply advanced power technology for Hystar’s field project.

Hystar AS today announces that global technology leader ABB has joined the HyPilot project. ABB is supplying critical power technology to the HyPilot project, consisting of market-leading components that enable precise voltage and current control to simulate various operating regimes. 

The HyPilot project is the in-field demonstration of Hystar’s one-megawatt (MW) containerized PEM electrolysers, to verify Hystar’s patented technology under realistic field conditions. The project will be delivered end of 2023 at the Kårstø Gas Processing Plant in Rogaland, Norway. ABB joins Nordic industry leaders Equinor, Yara, and Gassco in participating in the highly anticipated field project. 

ABB’s low-harmonic insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) rectifiers and DC-DC converters will regulate the supply of electricity to enable the electrolyser to operate under realistic field conditions. ABB will provide local support and expertise on the ground in Norway throughout the project’s duration.   

Operators will gather data during the 10,000-hour trial to demonstrate that green hydrogen can be produced cost-effectively and reliably by utilizing renewable energy sources, such as wind power, which is dependent upon overcoming the intermittent nature of renewable energy. The results from the HyPilot project will demonstrate how Hystar’s world-leading electrolysers can be utilized to reduce the cost of green hydrogen on an industrial scale, providing performance data from various operating regimes to verify long-term commercial operation.  

Fredrik Mowill, CEO of Hystar, says: “HyPilot represents an important milestone for the green hydrogen industry, as it unites leading industry players behind Hystar’s patented, ultra-efficient electrolysers. ABB’s important contribution will support us in rigorously testing under a range of conditions, facilitating the widespread adoption of large-scale green hydrogen production.”  

Chris Poynter, Division President, ABB System Drives, says: “The electrolyser power system minimizes the network’s harmonic content and footprint while maximizing efficiency and power factor. This helps drive down the levelized cost of green hydrogen production, which is a key factor to accelerate its adoption. At ABB we stand for productivity in a low-carbon world so we are proud to work closely with Hystar and other stakeholders to help build the new hydrogen ecosystem with our domain expertise and technology.” 






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Hystar makes highly efficient PEM electrolysers for the large-scale production of green hydrogen, aiming to be a global leader in the electrolyser market within this decade. Hystar’s patented technology has a key role to play in decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors and Hystar is scaling quickly to meet demand. With its game-changing technology, Hystar plays a key role in a greener, more sustainable future.  

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