about our company

Hystar is a high tech company specializing in PEM electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen from water electrolysis.

who we are

Hystar is an innovative, well financed company that got our start as a spin-off from SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. We’re a fast growing, diverse team of passionate people, developing game-changing PEM electrolysers.

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what we do

We develop the world’s most efficient PEM electrolysers, making the production of hydrogen from renewable electricity significantly more affordable and thereby, more accessible.

why we do it

Green hydrogen is the key to making the energy transition happen. As a highly efficient energy carrier, green hydrogen has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emission across many applications.

what’s in our name?

At Hystar, we believe that the future of green hydrogen is “written in the stars.” This is because the stars themselves – and in fact, nearly the entire universe, if you add up all the atoms – are made up of mostly hydrogen.

the Hystar core values

honest and full of integrity

We do what we say, are open about what we can achieve, and give constructive, candid feedback. We are ethical, with a focus on true sustainability.

innovative, technology leaders

We push boundaries and take smart risks. We’re curious and think outside the box, continuously improving ourselves and our technology.

ambitious fast movers

We are growth-oriented; always moving swiftly forward. We set big goals and work hard to bring them to life.

passionate and find joy in our work

We do work that is challenging, meaningful, and supports a greener future. We’re dedicated to our cause, but also know how to balance work with life.

our people

We are a diverse team with different backgrounds and a shared love of technology, a commitment to green energy, and a whole lot of ambition!