Celebrating our growth


Did you know Hystar has just celebrated our birthday? Founded on 17 September 2020, we’ve made great progress in the last two years.

That first year was all about exceeding targets and scaling quickly. Co-founders Magnus Thomassen and Alejandro Barnett officially joined CEO Fredrik Mowill shortly after Hystar was launched, and in March 2021, Hystar moved into office space at Fornebu, Norway.

Originally a spin-off from SINTEF (which remains a key shareholder), Hystar was able to continue development at SINTEF’s lab in Trondheim. Here, Hystar’s CTO, Alejandro Barnett, led the charge on testing and commercial qualification of our game-changing technology.

A focus on growth

By the time Hystar turned one, the company had grown to 10 employees, with Senior Systems Engineer, Eddy van Oort, the latest addition to the team.

“When I first entered the Hystar galaxy, I was welcomed with an enormous amount of passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness by an organization with an impressive level of maturity,” says Eddy. “Although I had never met any of my colleagues in person before, it was clear from the start: the founders had done an amazing job in getting the right people together to bring about the most efficient electrolysers while having a lot of fun! One year down the road, the Hystar galaxy has grown in many ways, yet the core remains shining strong and bright.”

Building up the team was still a high priority throughout Hystar’s second year, and we quickly outgrew the office space at Fornebu. Additionally, we had set our sights on securing a location where we could not only expand our offices, but establish our GW production line and R&D facilities, too.

We found the perfect location for Hystar’s head office at DNV’s Høvik campus, located right on the water’s edge of the beautiful Oslo fjord.

Ready for market entry

Early 2022 brought with it an exciting development: Hystar signed our first customer project! With funding from Enova and in partnership with two (now three! Keep an eye out for an announcement soon…) industrial partners, the HyPilot project meant Hystar was ready to enter the market.

Our development since then has continued to be positive. We’ve grown to 22 employees, and expect to be 30 by the end of 2022. Systems Engineer, Ana Fernandes de Carvalho, is the newest addition to the Hystar team, having started at the beginning of September.

“I joined Hystar as I wanted to be part of the hydrogen revolution and work in a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions make an impact,” explains Ana. “These first few days proved that I made the right choice. I am now surrounded by great people who are helping me to become a better engineer and really make a difference. And with that in mind, I’m looking forward to seeing just how brightly Hystar will shine in the coming years!”

While we’re pleased with the progress we’ve made so far, there is definitely more to come in 2022 and the years ahead!

Part of the Hystar team gathers to enjoy some anniversary cake!