Enova funding granted for first in-field test of Hystar’s containerized electrolyser


Together with partners Equinor and Gassco, Hystar has received financial support from Enova’s “Pilotering av ny energi- og klimateknologi” programme for the first full-scale field demonstration of Hystar’s containerized, MW-scale PEM electrolyser.

The total funding is 38.2 million NOK and has been granted to the “Next Generation PEM electrolysers for wind applications” project Hystar is undertaking together with partners Equinor and Gassco, and provides financial support for the first in-field demonstration of Hystar’s containerized electrolyser. The project will last for 3 years, starting in March 2022 and ending in June 2025. Focusing on attaining operational experience and validating Hystar’s high-efficiency hydrogen PEM system, the project will see the system designed to suit variable production loads typically found in wind applications. Less variable production regimes will also be tested to provide data on the performance of Hystar’s electrolysers for industrial scale hydrogen production.

“This is a key step in commercializing Hystar’s game-changing technology and moving towards large-scale production. Through the lab testing we’ve done in cooperation with SINTEF, we have verified our technology, and we’re pleased to now work together with strong industrial partners in scaling up that technology. We are very grateful for the support from Enova; this project is an important part of realizing Hystar’s vision of technology for a greener world,” says Hystar CEO, Fredrik Mowill.

Minister for Climate and Environment, Espen Barth Eide; Hystar CPO, Magnus Thomassen; Hystar CEO Fredrik Mowill; and Enova CEO, Nils Kristian Nakstad at the official announcement of funding from Enova

The project aims to make hydrogen production cheaper to support the transition to a sustainable energy society. As part of the project, Hystar will design and construct a complete, autonomous, containerized PEM electrolyser with a hydrogen production capacity of up to 500 kg/day. The electrolyser will be installed at Equinor’s K-lab facilities, close to the Kårstø Processing Plant operated by Gassco, and will be in operation for a period of at least one year.

“Gassco has a close eye on new technology developments that can contribute to either reduced emission or pave the road for new value chains on NCS. We are pleased to support the development of this new technology concept from Hystar, which has a potential to contribute positive to the coming energy transition,” says Svein-Erik Losnegård, Principal Engineer, Gassco.

With cheaper, more accessible hydrogen available, emissions can be drastically reduced. And by developing products that work symbiotically with variable renewable energy resources such as wind, more of those resources can be utilized, creating value both for the renewable energy generation sector and for the hydrogen production itself.

The total budget for the project is MNOK 73.2.


This is a key step in commercializing Hystar's game-changing technology and moving towards large-scale production.

About Hystar

Founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Norwegian research institute, SINTEF, Hystar makes highly efficient PEM electrolysers for large-scale production of green hydrogen. With our patented technology, we play a key role in a greener, more sustainable future.

About Equinor

Equinor is a broad energy company with more than 21,000 colleagues committed to providing affordable energy for societies worldwide and taking a leading role in the energy transition. We’re on a journey to net zero emissions through optimising our oil and gas portfolio, accelerating growth in renewables and pioneering developments in carbon capture and hydrogen.

About Gassco

Gassco is the independent system operator (ISO) for the integrated system for transporting gas from the Norwegian continental shelf to other European countries. This gas transport system consists of 9,000 km of subsea pipelines, 3 gas processing plants in Norway, offshore platforms and receiving terminals in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany. Gassco’s operatorship confers overall responsibility for running the infrastructure on behalf of the owners to ensure safe and efficient gas transport to millions of people. Gassco is also the architect for developing the future gas infrastructure on the Norwegian continental shelf.