Fun at work day


Did you know there's a national day dedicated to fun at work?

Ok, so it’s an American national day… and it’s not even officially recognized, but 28 January, 2022, is ‘National Fun at Work Day.’ And at Hystar, we believe it’s important to not only work hard, but to find joy in your day, too. So we thought we should take some time out of our Friday to acknowledge that.

Another “did you know” for you now… Did you know one of Hystar’s core values is that we are “…passionate and find joy in our work“? It’s actually a key part of what we do. Green hydrogen is, of course, serious business, and we don’t take that lightly. But we recognize the value in enjoying what we do, too.

Lucky for us, our location makes finding daily enjoyment pretty easy. Jan and Hans Martin made sure to take advantage of a sunny (if a bit cold…) day to have lunch on our balcony, overlooking the beautiful Oslo fjord!

And speaking of serious fun, we take our branding seriously, too. As a matter of fact, the brand is so engrained in us, we find it showing up in our weekend activities, too! Check out Amalie’s new ski boots that match her Hystar water bottle…

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that most of us are working from home these days; with all the pros and cons that that entails. Downside of working from home? No in-person time with awesome colleagues. The upside? Some of us have four-legged “colleagues” to keep us company! We’re sure Leila’s pooch is a big fan of green hydrogen, too.

What do you find fun in your work day? You can learn more about this “holiday” here.