H2 View answers your questions about Hystar


Your Questions Answered: Magnus Thomassen

H2 View opened up the floor to their audience (and ours!) to ask questions about Hystar. Our Co-founder and CPO, Magnus Thomassen, stepped up to the plate to answer. Here’s a snippet of what was talked about…


Founded in 2020 as a spin-off from Norwegian research institute SINTEF, Hystar makes PEM electrolysers for large-scale production of green hydrogen. What makes Hystar and its technology unique to other electrolyser manufacturers on the market?

All water electrolysers have an Achilles heel: producing both oxygen and hydrogen which, as everyone knows, are crucial to keep securely separated to avoid any risk of fires or explosions. This means there must be a very effective barrier between the two gas evolving electrodes. The industry has traditionally addressed this through the thickness of the barrier. But this barrier – also known as the electrolyte or membrane – needs to conduct ions as efficiently as possible, too, which is hampered by the thickness.

Hystar’s patented technology has solved this challenge in a new and innovative way, enabling us to reduce the membrane thickness (and the distance between the electrodes) by up to 90% compared to conventional PEM electrolysers – without compromising safety. This reduced membrane thickness also reduces the internal resistance in the electrolyser stack, significantly improving overall efficiency of the electrolyser…


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