HyPilot on the move!


Have you ever wondered about the process of getting an electrolyser to site? We documented the process for one of ours and thought you might like to see…

If you’ve spent any time talking to a HyStar about our products, there are probably a few key points you’re quite familiar with. For example, even though we’ve got the most efficient PEM electrolyser on the market, we’re still able to pack all that into quite a small footprint. And one of the additional perks of that? It makes transporting our products a lot simpler.

That said, there’s still quite the process involved. And we thought you might like to see it. Check out the photos and video below to see how we took our HyPilot electrolyser from the assembly point in Stavanger to its final destination at Equinor’s K-lab facilities at their Kårstø Processing Plant: