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Did you see the feature article on Hystar in the December issue of Hydrogen Tech World? It's well worth the read!

Among the recent entrants to the rapidly expanding universe of electrolyser manufacturers, Hystar is shining particularly brightly. Combining knowledge from the fuel cell industry with electrolyser technology, the Norwegian company claims to have developed the world’s most efficient PEM electrolyser. With market-ready solutions, Hystar is now gearing up to fully automate its production process and ramp up production capacity to gigawatt scale.

Original article by Matjaž Matošec

Founded in 2020, Hystar is a young – yet quickly growing – enterprise. As a spin-off from SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research organisation, the company has a background of over 15 years of research into PEM technology, making its patented electrolysis process the fruit of thorough development work and testing. Born out of a desire to facilitate and accelerate the transition to a green future, Hystar has the vision and ambition to become one of the top electrolyser suppliers worldwide, setting new standards in terms of efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. To learn more about their technology and growth plans, we spoke to Jan Schmidt, Hystar’s project engineer.

Originally from Austria, Jan forms part of a 30-strong international team based in Høvik, just outside of Oslo. Having previously worked as a fuel cell development engineer for a global technology provider, his main responsibility at Hystar is the development of a modular approach for the company’s game-changing electrolyser.

Rethinking the electrolysis process

At the heart of Hystar’s patented technology is the operating principle of a PEM electrolyser. Traditionally in PEM electrolysis, water is fed into the anode chamber. By moving the water feed to the cathode side, Hystar has devised a process solution that offers an array of benefits.

“If you find this solution simple, this is because it is simple, beautifully so,” says Jan.

“By changing the point of water supply to the cell, we have created conditions allowing us to reduce the membrane thickness by as much as 90% compared to conventional PEM electrolysers…

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The December issue of Hydrogen Tech World featured Hystar's Firdaus Hendricks on the cover.