Hystar summer challenge


One of the Hystar values is about passion and finding “joy in our work.” A big part of that, obviously, has to do with being passionate about the work we do and the difference it makes towards a sustainable future. Sometimes, though, it really is just about finding some joy in the day and having fun with our colleagues. This was how the Hystar summer challenge came to be…

Another great thing about Hystar? Our office location. We’re located in Høvik, just outside Oslo, and right on the beautiful Oslo fjord. That’s always a great thing, but it’s particularly awesome on warm, sunny, summer days, when we can take some time out of our day for a dip in the fjord. (Frankly, there are some of us who are committed to winter swims, too, but most of us aren’t quite that wild!)

It was just such a day earlier this week that brought on the Hystar summer challenge: recreating the logo in human form! Combine the incredible location, awesome weather, creative colleagues hopping into the fjord, and a little Photoshop magic and… Voila! You have the Hystar logo!

Are you up for the challenge? Find your summer setting, gather your team, and recreate your logo (or, if you don’t have a company logo, get creative!) Send your results in to news@hystar.com and we’ll share some of them on our social media channels throughout summer 2022.