Hystar’s Christmas advent calendar – Synne Myhre Jensen

photo hystar

Today's HyStar sharing her thoughts about the hydrogen industry and upcoming festivities is Applications Engineer Synne Myhre Jensen!

What has been the highlight of your year in 2022?

On a professional note, no doubt, it’s getting my dream job here at Hystar working with such talented and engaged colleagues. And I must say, it is very motivating to work with the coolest technology and the best solution for electrolysis every day. On a private note, it is getting engaged this winter and married this summer to my partner Martin.  

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I love to ski, but I broke my skiing poles last easter break (in a clumsy fall skiing down a mountain) so I am wishing for another pair so I can fully enjoy the winter here in Oslo.  

What’s in store for the hydrogen industry over the next few years?

It is very exciting times to be a part of the hydrogen industry, with good policies and incentives coming in place in all markets around the globe. This is of course paramount to be able to meet the 2030 Paris agreement targets, and green hydrogen is essential for creating a robust green society. The technology and efficiencies for electrolysis is now at the quality we have been waiting for, so I see a massive growth and scale up of the hydrogen industry in the coming years to meet the largely increasing demand for green hydrogen.  

Any New Year’s resolutions you’ll be making that you could tell us about?

I am not so good at making new year’s resolutions, I am more a continuous reflecting and learning type of person. So, maybe to continue to try to be humble and open to learn in every situation I am in? And of course, sell a lot of Hystar’s electrolysers. Since we sell containerised electrolysers in the size of 1-6 MW now, that will definitely be one of my larger goals for the coming year.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

I am so excited to see the first in field operation Hystar electrolyser at Kårstø Gas processing plant in third quarter in 2023.  Even though we at Hystar know the excellence of our technology, it is something else to see it right in front of you. So that will be an amazing moment.