Meet our summer interns!


We’re incredibly lucky to have four highly talented interns joining Hystar for the summer. Read on to learn more about them…

Christian Rognes will this summer be working as a Business Analyst Intern in Hystar. He will help develop pricing strategies and business models for Hystar’s containerized electrolysers. This will involve quantifying effects of various aspects of Hystar, as well as looking ahead to help forecasting future business operations, helping to make green hydrogen more accessible. Christian is studying Industrial Economics and Technology Management, and just finished his third year at NTNU.

Lars Rønhaug Pettersen is studying Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU, recently finished up his third year. This summer, Lars will be working on our stack assembly process, with a special focus on quality and automated production. Hystar’s PEM electrolyser stacks are optimized for easy manufacturing but we are always looking for ways to improve, and Lars combines his engineering skills with practical know-how to contribute to making the stack assembly process more efficient.

Jenny Østenstad just finished her fourth year at NTNU of Applied Physics and Mathematics and she is returning to Hystar for the second year in a row as a Research and Development Intern. Jenny uses her programming and physics knowledge to implement a multiphysical model of the Hystar PEM electrolyser stack. Such digital tools are a fundamental part of continuing to improve our electrolyser technology. Later this year, Jenny is going to write her specialization project and master thesis about PEM electrolyser modeling, combining it with some experimental validation work at the Hystar lab here at Høvik.

Asbjørn Nisi just came back from an exchange year in Lausanne, Switzerland, a part of his Industrial Economics and Technology Management studies at NTNU. Asbjørn joined our team to work as Business Analyst Intern for the summer, and he will be working on building a model for optimizing the sizing and operation of electrolysers in renewable applications, specifically dynamic wind and PV cases. Hystar’s Mira electrolyser, which runs at very high current densities, is very well suited for such applications, and we can’t wait to share more results about this work later this summer.


Our Applications Engineer in Hystar, Tina Andersen had this to say about the interns and their work:
“All our summer interns work with real tasks, contributing towards different engineering and business development activities that we currently undertake. We are impressed with how quickly they learn and their dedication towards finding the best possible solutions. The preliminary results from their work looks great, and I am sure they will continue to impress us for the rest of the summer.”


Fredrik Mowill, Hystar’s CEO, continues with: “The Hystar summer interns are making real contributions to our engineering and business development efforts. It is inspiring to see what talented and dedicated students can achieve in a short space of time!”

Meet our summer interns