modular approach

Learn about Hystar's modular approach to our products and how it makes it easier to scale the green hydrogen production.

how to scale

Modular and scalable design
integrated plant
unit capacity
0.7 MW
0.7 MW
1 MW - 5 MW
10 MW - 100 MW
installation capacity
1 MW - 50 MW
10 MW - 1 GW

from stack to the system

Our stack is the heart of technology. Three stacks combined become a module, and several modules make up our systems: container (Vega and Mira) or plant.

The modular approach

the modular approach

Several module units can clustered to form a bigger plant. These plants can either be containerized, or integrated in buildings to form larger systems.



Scale and tailor specifically
for several applications



Optimized for automatzation
and mass production


small footprint

Requires less material per unit
of hydrogen produced

want to learn more?

Our Project Engineer, Jan Schmidt, has several years of expertise within the hydrogen sphere, and will gladly help you determine which Hystar product best suits your needs.

Jan Schmidt