Patented technology

Hystar has the world's most efficient PEM electrolysers. Scroll down to learn how we do it...

rethinking electrolysers

Our patented technology combines knowledge from the fuel cell industry with electrolyser technology, to make a solution that is safer – and more efficient – than previous state-of-the-art designs.

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based on 15 years of research​

The result: a simple – yet unique – solution, able to produce at least three times more hydrogen than a conventional PEM electrolyser, with world class efficiency. 

the key differentiators


Thin membrane

For efficient operations and
higher H2 production rates


Anode air feed

Air circulation to dilute H2
crossover and increase safety


Cathode water feed

Frees up space on the anode side, enabling one-phase flow at the anode

PEM electrolysers: conventional vs Hystar

the key advantages


Game-changing efficiency and higher H2 production rates


Designed for safety, to ensure reliable operations in all conditions


Optimizable for efficient operation or high hydrogen production rates


Requires less materials and is developed for circular production

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