The Explorer: Hystar makes green hydrogen more competitive


Hystar has developed an innovative PEM electrolyser for green hydrogen production.

“Our patented technology significantly increases the efficiency of hydrogen production. In the big picture, it’s all about making green hydrogen economically viable,” says Magnus Thomassen, co-founder and CPO of Hystar.

Hydrogen is emerging as a key pillar in achieving net-zero economies. But not all hydrogen is created equal. “Green” hydrogen, produced using electricity from renewable sources, is the only completely sustainable solution, while “grey” and “blue” hydrogen are produced from fossil fuels.

“Almost all the hydrogen on the market today is grey. This needs to change. Green hydrogen must become more competitive through lower costs and scaled-up production,” explains Thomassen.

Super-efficient, green hydrogen production

Hystar has developed a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser that produces green hydrogen more efficiently than existing PEM technologies. All PEM electrolysis extracts hydrogen from water. The hydrogen is considered green when renewable energy has been used to power the production process.

However, Hystar has taken PEM electrolysis to the next level…