Two electrolysers to serve them all…


At Hystar, perhaps our biggest claim to fame is the incredible efficiency of our electrolysers. But did you know we offer two product lines aimed at serving different hydrogen production needs? Our Applications Engineer, Tina, takes some time here to explain the difference between the two.

Meet Tina Andersen, Applications Engineer in Hystar. Tina has been with the company since July 2021 and is passionate about the products we offer and the difference they make to the green hydrogen market.

“When it comes to helping our customers determine the best system for them, we first look at the expected number of operational hours per year and, of course, the electricity prices and potential hydrogen demand variations where they’ll be operating,” explains Tina.

You have options!

Hystar has two electrolyser types: Vega and Mira.

As Tina describes, “Vega is our system with efficiency well beyond anything that’s previously been seen on the market. Through our patented solution, we’ve been able to ensure a more than 10% decrease in energy consumption using a Hystar Vega electrolyser.”

She continues, “We see Vega being best suited for heavy industry or traditional users of hydrogen, such as the fertilizer industry, refineries, and so on; situations where the volumes are vast, and it is crucial to get the best possible operational margins.”

Sometimes, however, a customer’s needs are better met through a lower-CAPEX solution, which is where our Mira comes in.

“Mira is receiving a lot of attention for sectors operating more intermittently, such as wind and solar,” says Tina. “This can be because off-take isn’t steady or continuous, or that the electricity prices are varying to such an extent that production planning can be optimised both over shorter and longer timescales. Another reason might be, for example, a hydrogen refueling station, where hydrogen demand can vary and it therefore maybe doesn’t make sense to continuously produce it, but rather, produce more on-demand. By bringing Mira to the market, we open up a new range of potentially profitable hydrogen value chains that previously would rely heavily on support schemes.”

Comparing stack energy consumption:
Vega: 46 kWh per kg H2
Mira: 48.8 kWh per kg H2

Comparing system energy consumption:
Vega: 50 kWh per kg H2
Mira: 54.2 kWh per kg H2

Helping you choose

There is a growing focus on hydrogen and its large role in the energy transition. As we all seek to move towards net zero, some customers come in with a very clear understanding of their needs and how to meet them, while others might need a bit more help. We’re here for that!

“We’ve seen a massive market growth within the hydrogen industry,” confirms Tina. “Many companies – including traditional energy companies, industrial companies, and new companies or hydrogen customers – are looking for their part of the hydrogen value chain. They’re looking to understand how they fit in and how it’s part of their future business plans. In Hystar, we’re focused on establishing good customer relations from the very start. We help our customers make good decisions in order to select the best products to meet their needs and then we make a point of following up in the best possible way to ensure optimal results throughout the lifetime of their Hystar products. We provide various long-term service agreements, making sure that our customers can rest assured that the electrolysers will receive the best care.”

Looking for a highly efficient electrolyser for your hydrogen production needs? Make sure to check the info on our website, but also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!